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Videographen gibt es viele aber keiner hat mich so richtig überzeugt, bis ich schlussendlich auf Idit von Kobrini gestossen bin. Vom ersten Treffen weg wusste ich, dass sie genau das einfangen kann was mich, meine Fotografie und meine Philosophie ausmacht und genau wie ich ist sie eine Frau die als selbständige Unternehmerin tätig ist. Hier war ich mir also sicher genau das gefunden zu haben was ich lange gesucht habe und ich wurde nicht enttäuscht.

Idit schaffte es genau das einzufangen und auszudrücken, was ich bis jetzt nur in Worten auf Webseite und co.ausgedruckt habe. Dabei gab sie mir bei all unseren Videodrehtagen ein tolles Gefühl ohne mich von der Kamera bedrängt oder beobachtet zu fühlen. Beim sichten der ersten Fassung des Video war ich einfach nur begeistert wie gekonnt Idit das Interview und die gefilmten Szenen zusammen geschnitten hat, damit das Video am Schluss spannend und zugleich informativ war. Rundum also absolut gelungen Erfahrung und ich kann jedem Idit’s Arbeit wärmsten weiter empfehlen.

Stephanie Hafner

Hunde & Pferdefotografin, Hafner Photography

Your Story

You are a creative business owner looking for an authentic way to tell your story through video. You would like to connect with your clients by sharing your story so people understand and appreciate what you do.

My Story

I’m a passionate visual storyteller inspired by people who do what they love. I specialise in creating short documentary-style videos for creative businesses. My work is often described as honest, inspiring and moving. 


Why Hire Me

You are looking for a personal connection that makes you feel at ease in front of the camera and for someone who understands your creative journey and can help you share it with your customers. 

How I Can Help You

Let's Start Your Storytelling Journey

Dream It

It all begins with a simple conversation about you and your creative business. What you do and why you do it is an essential part of our discussion. During this process I can help you identify your own story and what makes you unique and different.

Build It

We continue our video storytelling journey by filming you in your environment. I help you focus on what you would like to talk about, and lead you to telling your story in a creative and inspiring way. The way you tell your story will connect your clients to your creative business.

Grow It

This is when all the elements combine into your video story. Now you can share your story with the world and make it grow. People will connect with you and want to meet you when they see you and hear who you are what you do and how you do it.

The Benefits of Telling Your Story Through Video

It will help you identify your story and how to tell it in an authentic way. The process of telling your own story is important in many ways. It helps you understand where you come from and will give you the confidence as a business-owner and entrepreneurs to feel grounded in your experiences. 

It will help you distinguish yourself in a crowded market of other business owners. Your story is what makes you unique and different.

You will be able to share with your customers the authentic story behind your business rather than just having a marketing video with a list of services you offer.

I liked working with Idit the moment I met her. Her calm, professional and friendly way made me feel at ease around her – even when she was holding a camera! Her video story about me and my lettering business helped my clients get to know me before we even met. The clip is the very first thing people click on when they visit my website. It inspires prospective clients to want to work with me and makes them more likely to pick up the phone and give me a call. Ever since I posted my video story on my site, I have been able to attract exciting new clients and jobs. Thank you Idit for your outstanding work! Now this video allows me to show people who I am and what I do, in an easy and clear way.

Romana Moser

Geschäftsführerin , RomanaSchrift

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Working with Idit was extremely stimulating and inspiring. The great passion she has for her work, her calm personality and amazing technical skills makes her a wonderful person to work with. Idit is very intelligent and extremely creative, she knows exactly how to capture the essential of the people she is portraying in her videos. 

Yasmina Bauer

Founder, Basel Musicking

My Story

My name is Idit Kobrin (kobrini). I specialise in creating short documentary-style videos focusing on stories of creative businesses

After more than 12 years working in the bio-tech field, I  became a soloprenuer in 2011 creating video content for various companies. I then discovered my true passion for documentary video storytelling. In 2016 I founded my own company in Basel, and have focused my entire time on working with small business owners who do what they love with passion and purpose.  

My work is often described as honest, inspiring and moving. I’m driven by curiosity and my core desire is to understand what inspires creatives to do what they do. I believe that if a story has the ability to impact even a single person, it’s worth sharing. Everyone’s got a story within them, and there are few things more fulfilling than being a part of something that inspires people to let theirs out.

I believe that real stories, told with care and intention, can help us understand and appreciate one another and ourselves. 

Radio Interview

I had an amazing opportunity to talk about my business on The English Show, Radio X Basel. This is the radio show for expats in Basel which takes place ever Tuesday from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Journalist and Photographer

During my free time, I am also contributing journalist and photographer for Newly Swissed the online magazine about Switzerland.

My articles tell stories about people, places and events happening in and around Basel. From creative business owners to unique museum exhibitions and traditional events. Sometimes I also get to travel to unique places in Switzerland, to tell stories about beautiful landscapes and places to stay. You can find my online articles here.

Basel Creatives Meetup

In 2015, I initiated the Basel Creatives meetup group for freelancers and small business owners, living in Basel and its surroundings. This casual meetup group is for like minded creatives in Basel to grow their network and get some inspiration from others.
The meetup events range from visiting art/photo exhibitions, going to music performances together, supporting our members in special events for them to showcase their work, to just having evening drinks and getting to know new people. The group also provides a way for people to brainstorm their creative ideas, network and collaborate on projects with like minded creative entrepreneurs.
This gathering is held in English, but all nationalities ​are ​of course welcome.​ 

Often presenting yourself in front of a camera can be difficult and even embarrassing, but working with Idit was so much fun. Her sensitivity to listen and tell my story makes me proud to share it!

Carmit Natan

Soprano Singer

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Idit did a great job to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Her way of perspective, her ideas and passion for details make the process of film-making an adventure. After all, I know myself even a little better then before making the film. 

Lydia Zimmer

Geschäftsführerin, Literaturecho