Documentary Storytelling


Welcome to a different way of telling your business story.

Through the lens of a documentary storyteller.

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Documentary Storytelling

Welcome to a different way of telling your business story. Through the lens of a documentary storyteller.

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My Story

My passion is visual storytelling, and my medium is video. I specialise in creating short documentary-style videos for creative businesses. By combining video, photos and sound I help you tell your story in a unique and creative way.

Your Story

Your story told visually can be a powerful way to connect with your clients and emphasise who you are, what you do and why. My focus is on making sure you get the right video to help you promote yourself.

Why Hire Me

I will work closely with you to capture the essence of your story and ensure that it fits you and your needs. My mission is to craft a creative and compelling story content that positively impacts and connects you and your clients.

Mini Documentary Stories

Meet the Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

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My Story

“I believe in the unique value of documentary storytelling and I am dedicated to telling the personal and professional stories of women business owners.”

Idit Kobrin

Idit Kobrin

Documentary Video Storyteller

Have you ever found it difficult to explain your work to friends, family members and potential clients? What if you could have a short web-based documentary-syle video that captures your vision of who you are, what you do and why you do it in a creative, realistic and unique way? I can help you tell your story!

Hi, my name is Idit and I am a documentary video storyteller based in Basel, Switzerland. I specialise in creating short documentary-style videos for creative small businesses.

Throughout my life I always loved taking photos and documenting the people around me. This was always my passion, but as I grew older I followed another career path and went and studied Biology (Pre-Med) with the idea of becoming a veterinarian. After graduating, I ended up in the bio-tech industry instead. But always my passion for photography remained with me.

Later on, while searching for something else to do in life, I went and studied New Media and completed my MA in NYU. A few years later, I ended up in Switzerland, working as a multimedia communication manager for a mid-sized biotech company, combing everything that I have studied. After more than 10 years in the corporate world I decided it was time to move on.

In 2011 I set off on my own and became an independent videographer for various corporate and private clients. Since 2016 I began focusing my business on helping promote women business owners through short web-based documentary-style video stories. I am currently combining my experience in photography, multimedia, video documentary production and communication to create short web-based documentary-style stories for my clients. Through these video stories small businesses can connect with their clients, and promote their creative businesses through their unique stories.

I believe in the unique value of documentary storytelling and I am dedicated to telling the personal and professional stories of creative business owners in the Basel area.

How I Can Help You

Lets start your storytelling journey

Story Development

We start with a simple conversation where you tell me about yourself and your unique business. Our work together is unscripted and organic. Following  our convesration I create a production plan which will help us start our storytelling journey together.


This is when I come to your location and document you and your work environment. We also have an informal interview where I will ask you questions about you and your business. There is no need to prepare anything, just be yourself and lets have fun!

Post Production

This is where everything comes together. All of the production material will be combined to create your unique short documentary-style video story about you and your business. The video story can be in English or German, depending on your needs.

What's Your Story

Inspiration and Advice from Makers, Business Owners and Enterprenuers

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Happy Clients

I liked working with Idit the moment I met her. Her calm, professional and friendly way made me feel at ease around her – even when she was holding a camera! Her video story about me and my lettering business helped my clients get to know me before we even met. The clip is the very first thing people click on when they visit my website. It inspires prospective clients to want to work with me and makes them more likely to pick up the phone and give me a call. Ever since I posted my video story on my site, I have been able to attract exciting new clients and jobs. Thank you Idit for your outstanding work! Now this video allows me to show people who I am and what I do, in an easy and clear way.

Romana Moser Romanaschrift

Idit did a great job to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Her way of perspective, her ideas and passion for details make the process of film-making an adventure. After all, I know myself even a little better then before making the film. Lydia Zimmer Literaturecho
Idit is a seasoned video and motion picture professional. She is very passionate about helping people tell their stories and in a very unique way. She supported us with our company’s initial videography. Idit was accommodating with schedule, time and our evolving requirements and we found the process an insightful one for our team. We would recommend her if you are looking for a creative way to get your story out. Sesil Pir SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH
I enjoyed the work with Idit. Her friendly and relaxed way was very helpful for me to stay focused and be myself in front of the camera. Even though it was a long day of concentration and hard work, she made it fun and relaxing. I was extremely impressed by her talent to grasp my story and create something out of it. She was able to put each piece of the puzzle into a complete story in a creative and sensitive way. So now I have a video which is authentic and real. Thank you very much for such a great experience and this beautiful video. Kerstin Greschek Keep on Walking
Often presenting yourself in front of a camera can be difficult and even embarrassing, but working with Idit was so much fun. Her sensitivity to listen and tell my story makes me proud to share it! Carmit Natan Soprano Singer

I’m ready to tell your story, are you?